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Giant Catfish in Pattaya Thailand

Giant cat-fish in Pattaya Thailand Advertisements

The Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm in Pattaya, Thailand

The Million Years Stone Park: there are so many types of stones in different shapes and forms, overall some pretty amazing views can be found here. This is in the crocodile show hall. They do different shows with crocodiles every day here.   The bear can do different tricks. Sitting all high and mighty in … Continue reading

Tuk Tuk Limousine at MBK Center, Bangkok

Tuk Tuk is the way Thais and visitors in Thailand call the auto-rickshaw which is easy to find anywhere in Thailand for hire. The locals also call it ‘Sam Lor’ (meaning three-wheeler). The fare is negotiable and usually more expensive than the standard taxis. For hobbyists and artists, Tuk tuk is also an object to … Continue reading

Mini Siam in Pattaya – The Miniature World

Pattaya has quite a number of attractions for visitors to discover: The Million Years Stone Park, Pattaya Crocodile Farm, Mini Siam & Mini Europe, Cabarets, Ripley’s Believe it or not Museum, Siracha Tiger Zoo, Underwater World, etc. The project of Mini Siam started in 1985, and was constructed in 1986 with more than 29 Rais … Continue reading

Flowers in Long Beach, California

Just a couple of flower photos I took in Long Beach 2010 Reds Pinks Purple Long Beach Jan 2010 – After spending 1 year in this beautiful city. The city is a dominant maritime center of the U.S and was recently named “Aquatic Capital of the Nation.” For more images, please go to my flickr account.

– Thailand: Elephant paints a beautiful picture

This elephant is in Thailand, watch how she paints a very beautiful and colorful picture of an elephant holding a flower. This show is taken place in Thailand for tourists, normally with other elephant shows, like elephants playing soccer. Elephants are smart and have good memories like human. In the video, we also see how … Continue reading

– Vietnam: A Culture of Markets

It’s almost impossible to know exactly how many markets there are in Vietnam and how many types of market there actually are. In cities, markets are usually crowded from early morning until late night. In rural areas, markets may only be open only in the morning or only in late afternoon. In mountainous areas, markets … Continue reading

+ Photos: Soviet Abstract Art

Coarse and husky!!! That’s all I can say about Soviet architecture and Soviet art in general.Abstract art always brings in a little more creativity (this happens everywhere in the world). However, being a part of the Soviet art, Soviet abstract is still quite coarse and husky, some are ugly and some are less ugly.I picked … Continue reading

+ Photos: Oriental Architecture, East Asia

Once you travel to Vietnam, you will see a messy architectural style here. Nothing is clear and most of everything is horribly mixed up, especially for those private houses.Being influenced by the Chinese for a thousand years and by the French for a few hundred years, Vietnamese architecture has become like this. Many contemporary houses … Continue reading

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