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KEF Q700 Speaker Review – Awesome Mid-end Floor-Standing Speaker

One of the top speaker producers from the U.K has introduced KEF Q700 in their new Q series with Q500 and Q900. Q700 is at mid-end level. I’ve tested for long enough and there is no doubt that this handsome floor standing speaker can serve you and your family well, for both your home cinema and music appreciation purposes.

The speaker has a bunch of new technologies from KEF as well as a contemporary look with different choices of the finish. At the height of 92 cm and only 17.2 kilograms, the KEF Q700 may not be comparable to the high-end series in size, but the building and the result of this handsome speaker still impressed me so much when I tested with my audiophile CDs and digital music for hours (Jazz and classical), using a Harman/kardon receiver.

The KEF Q700 loud speaker system is equipped with multiple speaker drivers with different missions, but well combined to give me a true and lively sound.

Uni-Q Speaker Driver

The Uni-Q is highlighted as a special driver from KEF with a 6.5 inch aluminium cone and a small 1 inch dome High Frequency tweeter in the middle. This is a special and a ground-breaking combination in 1 speaker driver.

The 6.5 inch woofer/bass driver is also cooler with a 50mm spider. This avoids situations when the heat affects the frequencies that the driver is supposed to respond.

Everything else is heat-proof. Also, instead of having a release hole on the cabinet, the Q700 uses a ‘fake bass driver’, not connecting and not receiving any signal, but it rather works by being supported from the real woofer. According to KEF, it creates a deeper bass, powerful but also in control. I’m not really sure about this to comment but the result is overall very good – I mean the bass sounds solid but truly musical to me.

The cabinet is solid and very well built; the matrix is well designed so the KEF Q700 system can minimize all side-effects and it also increases 30% of the cabinet space for better bass performance (in comparison with the iQ series in the past).

Another good news is there are different finishes for the Q700: black oak, cherry, walnut, etc… so it won’t be too tough to match them with your living room’s interior. You can buy the KEF Q700 here on Amazon.com for the best price. Also, you should check out the Q500 and Q900 as well, since their prices don’t differ too much.

Technical Specifications of the KEF Q700 Floor-standing Speaker:

• Two and a half-way bass reflex
• 6.5″ aluminum Uni-Q driver
• 6.5″ aluminum LF driver
• 1″ vented aluminum dome HF
• Two 6.5″ aluminum ABR
• Frequency response: 36Hz – 40kHz
• Amp requirements: 15-150W
• Measurements: 36.2″ x 8.3″ x 11.9″
• Finishes Available: Black Oak, European Walnut & English Cherry

Some videos:

Image from magma.fr


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