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Premium Wireless DAC – the Audioengine D2 Appreciation

With the sound quality of the Audioengine D2 DAC, audioholics can use their computers as the high quality source for music easily. The Audioengine D2 Wireless DAC is an excellent DAC for digital music which supports 24bit/96khz via wireless connection. The wireless DAC works well with any music player software in your computer without additional … Continue reading

The Path to the Mordaunt-Short Aviano Bookshelf Speakers

It could take you a while to find the right things building your own budget stereo system. In fact, it could be really difficult too, considering being unsure of what you’re looking for, which was almost what I went through. Over the past 8 months I’ve listened to quite a number of decent budget speakers … Continue reading

Best In-Ear HI-FI Headphone: Sennheiser IE80 Headphone Review

The ‘Sennheiser IE 80‘ deserves to be the representative of the top high-fidelity in-ear headphones in the market these days. Sennheiser IE80 is a special in-ear headphone and rare to find. It’s not only rare because of the pricing from the 60 year old manufacturer, but it’s also rare because of its crossover control, right … Continue reading

The top 5 hi-fi headphones with best noise reduction/noise cancellation

These headphones boast impressive noise reduction ability of up to 85%, with best sound quality in the market these days. The noise reduction technology has been in focus and keeps evolving. Most headphone manufacturers try to work on a noise reduction of 70 – 85% of outside noise, and aim to produce headphones that are … Continue reading

Klipsch ProMedia THX Certified Computer Speaker Systems

Bose, Harman/Kardon, Altec Lansing, and a lot more of computer speakers have been used and tested by me, on multiple computers and DAC systems.Klipsch ProMedia is probably one of the best out there so far that I’ve listened to. It maybe just personal taste, but the sound I have listened gives both depth and width that … Continue reading

Marantz UD5005 & UD7005 Review – Universal Networked Blu-ray Players (3D Ready)

In order to replace the 2 Blu-ray Universal media players Marantz BD 5004 and BD7004, Marantz now has 2 new Blu-ray players, modeled UD5005 and UD7005. First, about the look, I have to admit that the design is simple and rock-solid, but it is also very stylish, sleek and uncluttered, so the 2 players possibly … Continue reading

KEF Q700 Speaker Review – Awesome Mid-end Floor-Standing Speaker

One of the top speaker producers from the U.K has introduced KEF Q700 in their new Q series with Q500 and Q900. Q700 is at mid-end level. I’ve tested for long enough and there is no doubt that this handsome floor standing speaker can serve you and your family well, for both your home cinema … Continue reading

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