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Best In-Ear HI-FI Headphone: Sennheiser IE80 Headphone Review

The ‘Sennheiser IE 80‘ deserves to be the representative of the top high-fidelity in-ear headphones in the market these days. Sennheiser IE80 is a special in-ear headphone and rare to find. It’s not only rare because of the pricing from the 60 year old manufacturer, but it’s also rare because of its crossover control, right … Continue reading

The top 5 hi-fi headphones with best noise reduction/noise cancellation

These headphones boast impressive noise reduction ability of up to 85%, with best sound quality in the market these days. The noise reduction technology has been in focus and keeps evolving. Most headphone manufacturers try to work on a noise reduction of 70 – 85% of outside noise, and aim to produce headphones that are … Continue reading

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