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Practicing Mindfulness

Photos were taken in the Wax Museum at Reipley’s Believe it or not in Pattaya Thailand, with a Canon A-1200 Advertisements

Chaophraya sunset

Chaophraya River during rainy season in Bangkok. The water level is pretty high.

Canon Powershot A1200 User Review

The purpose of getting this Canon Powershot A1200 is because I just cannot carry my DSLRs around all the time. Smart-phones’ cameras are usable but still got a very long way to catch up with a true camera. Hence I decided to buy a new compact camera for convenience and here is my review on … Continue reading

+ Photos: My Latest Abstract Painting

I painted this abstract months ago but I forgot to post it up here. Please enjoy! The Devil – Truong Tung Nguyen

+ Photos: Colors of the night

I’m not very fond of botanical photography but still, it’s fun to take pictures of everything you see. I used Picasa to adjust this image a little bit. Hope you guys enjoy the vivid colors. By: Nguyen Truong Tung (Tom)

+ Photos: The Colorful Outfit

My family and I were on the way to Central Vietnam, we stopped the car by the temple and met this kid playing with some dirt in front of his parents’ shop. With his impressive outfit and look, I couldn’t help myself shooting a portrait for him.

+ Photos: Trang tien Street

Trang Tien street is the very main street in Hanoi, opposite to the Opera Theatre and right next to the Hoan Kiem Lake. It’s supposed to be very nice but since new buildings and old buildings kind of mix up together with no orientation, this street upsets me with its funny and unstylish look. Here … Continue reading

+ Photos: Kids kids kids

Well I’m no expert in terms of shooting portraits, but these children in my family (my nephews and especially my niece) are just too cute. I also realized that shooting photos of kids is a very tough job. They never want to stay still for any shot so I just had to capture them while … Continue reading

+ Photos: Soviet Abstract Art

Coarse and husky!!! That’s all I can say about Soviet architecture and Soviet art in general.Abstract art always brings in a little more creativity (this happens everywhere in the world). However, being a part of the Soviet art, Soviet abstract is still quite coarse and husky, some are ugly and some are less ugly.I picked … Continue reading

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