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The Roots – “undun” 2011 – Listening

The Roots - Undun

The Roots – Undun 2011

undun” is the 12th studio album by American hip hop band The Roots, released December 2011, on Def Jam Recordings. Recording sessions for the album took place at multiple recording locations in Philadelphia and New York City. Unlike any rise-and-fall crime story of the life of an outlaw, “undun” is a real record, a study and a dark story of a character of a person who is in crisis, hence one could realize how life should be valued. The album can be seen as a message that has many different levels of interpretation, there is always something new in it everytime I listen.

undun” is a great collection of carefully composed pieces that go well together and are supposed to be experienced in order. This is not a record for fun, I have to sit back and listen to it with a record player, with serious appreciation as what true art would require.

This record is highly recommended for serious listeners, who can appreciate te excellene of hip hop and seek something different from what have been done, beyond the traditional slogan of the genre, to wake up to the sound of real music.

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