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Marantz UD5005 & UD7005 Review – Universal Networked Blu-ray Players (3D Ready)

In order to replace the 2 Blu-ray Universal media players Marantz BD 5004 and BD7004, Marantz now has 2 new Blu-ray players, modeled UD5005 and UD7005.
First, about the look, I have to admit that the design is simple and rock-solid, but it is also very stylish, sleek and uncluttered, so the 2 players possibly would fit in any decor which is already a plus.
The 2 universal media players are Blu-ray 3D ready, and also are able to read many other formats, CD, DVD, DVD-Audio, Super Audio CD (SA-CD), DivX files, AVCHD, and normal Blu-ray discs.
The 2 players are also prepared with DAC 24 and 32 bit – converting digital sound to analog, with HDMI 1.4a output and many other electronic supports to recreate a multi-channel analog system. Besides that, Netflix and YouTube are additional features for more entertainment values to the players with network streaming. With the network support of DLNA 1.5 standard, the UD5005 and UD7005 are not going to fall behind anytime soon.
This means Marantz is enhancing its products with not only superior quality, universal compatibility, but also more entertainment values and networking streaming ability to ensure its future-readiness. These products will be a big bang for the buck and the game-changers in the market.
Check them out on Amazon.com here.


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