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Biore Pore Pack – Nose/Facial Cleansing Strips, Amazingly helpful

KAO BIORE NOSE PORE CLEAR PACK BLACKYesterday my girlfriend just bought this pack. It’s called: “Biore Pore Pack“. It’s a KAO product from Japan. The pack contains 10 black cleansing strips. I never used it before and never trusted the cosmetic/facial stuff as I’m a guy but at the end I was pretty amazed with the result.

So I let my girlfriend lead the play. First I have to put water on my face to make sure it’s wet, especially the nose area. She puts on the strip across my nose. I leave it there for about 15 minutes when the strip gets dry and solid. It becomes pretty hard but as I touch it, the surface is like fabric. During the 15 minutes, it feels like it is picking up and clogging the dirt, sucking up the oil and blackheads.

I have always had an oily face, especially in summer. I never really used any product to take care of it until my girlfriend likes to play with it.

Now I take out the strip (from outside in) and all the oil is gone, blackheads and dirt inside the skin are visible on this black strip. I have never felt my nose like that before. Trust me and try it. It’s fun and it works.

Here is the strip after I pull it out. The blackheads and dirty stuff are almost gone.

You can buy it here on Amazon.com. Quite cheap :).



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