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-Vietnam: It’s turning summer in Hanoi

Okay… You can all see I have skipped blogging for a while since I’ve been having a super busy time. On top of that, I couldn’t even believe I would stay in Hanoi this long (almost 10 months now). However things are good and getting better everyday. I am still working very hard to launch the new version of the Vivisit – Vietnam Travel Portal as soon as possible.

It’s really not fun being in Hanoi since I am more used to living in Bangkok, the city that is awake 24/7. But at least here summer is coming. I love summer. I love the simple clothes. I love the beach. And I feel comfortable to go out and travel in summer.

So in Hanoi, if you talk about summer you gotta talk about Bia Hoi. The cheap beer restaurants that kind of cool down the heat of summer in Hanoi. All the local people just fill up most of the Bia Hoi restaurants in Hanoi after work during this season. I myself had Bia Hoi almost everyday last week.

If the rains don’t come so soon, I might also go to the surroundings of Hanoi for some photo trips, such as the pottery village Bat Trang, or the silk village Van Phuc, etc…

The last two plans right now are going to eat snake in Le Mat village and acting as an MC for my friends’ wedding.

Video by: Asher


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