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– Hanoi: Them Water Puppets

Vietnam, especially Hanoi is pretty famous for its water puppet shows. I only watched once when I was about 6 or 7 years old when our school took all the pupils out to watch. The stage is basically a pool of water (when I was watching the show many years ago, it was performed on a public swimming pool because we were too poor to afford any fancy theater). The puppeteers who stay behind the curtain to master the puppets are very skillful artists.

Most of the water puppet shows are generated from very old Vietnamese folk stories, running with Vietnamese traditional music. In my opinion, water puppet shows are very interesting to watch for the first time. The only obstacle is that the Vietnamese language does not allow foreigners to keep track of the show or to understand deeply what it means. However, in comparison to many other countries’ folk shows, a Vietnamese water puppet show is pretty outstanding. Here are some random photos of the wooden puppets taken at a shop in Old Quarter of Hanoi.

Photos by: Nguyen Truong Tung (Tom)



One thought on “– Hanoi: Them Water Puppets

  1. Very nice…The colors are beautiful.

    Posted by Anonymous | October 25, 2008, 4:51 am

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