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– Bangkok: How about some Italian Food in Bangkok?

That’s a pretty good idea looking for a good Italian restaurant in Bangkok.
As I’ve said many times, you can find all types of food in Bangkok. And Italian food is the most popular non-local food in Bangkok which probably has the same ranking with Japanese food.

The Pizza’s Story in Thailand:
How to make Asian people get used to drinking milk and consume products made from milk?
Only one way, it takes time to introduce and let them try because of the differences in taste, the gastronomy, and the genetic condition.
It took Vietnamese people many years during the colonial period to get used to Western food, especially the consumption of milk, cheese and butter.
That’s why the pizza did not have a position in the Thai dining culture until 1980 when William E. Heinecke, an entrepreneur opened the first Pizza Hut Restaurant in Bangkok. He later started his own chain called Pizza Company and formed the Minor Food Group as well as owned many big businesses in Thailand.
The Pizza Company how has hundreds of restaurants in all over Thailand with the strongest delivery network.
“If you don’t know about Pizza Company, then I don’t believe that you’ve lived in Thailand.”
This justifies the popularity of Italian food in Thailand nowadays.

Italian Food in Bangkok:
It’s simple to notice that Italian food is one of the best food in the world. Therefore, Bangkok, a glamorous city with 24/7 services and millions of tourists of course can help make any Italian restaurant a good business.
Aside from Pizza Hut and Pizza Company (the commercial chains) which are everywhere, I’ve been to at least 30 Italian restaurants in Bangkok (different levels) and I have to say most of them are better than average. And of course if you want to enjoy the real Italian food, you have to go there.

1. One of the real Italian restaurants I’ve been to is the Basilico which now has two branches in Bangkok. One is in Sukhumvit Soi 33 (opposite side of Emporium) and the other one is in Sukhumvit Soi 20, few steps before Koi Restaurant, at the oppisite side. Both branches are well located in the tourist area (not far from each other too) and have the same cool design that makes Italian food lovers cannot just turn away. There is also one big oven (non electric) in the middle of the room and all pizzas have one size only. The menu is very concise and interesting. Pastas are amazingly good here with big portion. They also have a reasonable list of wine. Overall, Basilico is a wonderful restaurant with reasonable price and good service.
For more info: Samworthington, BrightcoveTV, Dining in Thailand

2. The other Italian restaurant I like is called Giusto which is located in Sukhumvit Soi 23. This restaurant has a different concept. It looks like a villa with parking lots, dining zone and bar zone. Everything here looks trendy, modern and colorful. The food here is so good that I enjoy mostly every dish. But what I like is the wine cellar. They have a small wine cellar where you can walk inside and look for a good bottle, just like in any nice hotels. They have a pretty good taste in wine here. I also like the bar zone which is not too huge, that you can enjoy the lounge music, taste some wine and talk to your friends. This restaurant is also less crowded than Basilico. Ah there is a nice Vietnamese girl who works there too. She’s very elegant.
For more info: Dining In Thailand, Tripadvisor.

Even if you can’t make time to come to either one of these two restaurants, please go to Central World Plaza, and follow the Hungry Guide. There are plenty of good food there and some very nice Italian Restaurants on the 7th floor too.

Photo: http://www.foodnetwork.com
Written by Nguyen Truong Tung


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