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– Bangkok: Himali Cha Cha Restaurant, Indian-Nepalese Cuisine

Thailand is a country filled with tourists, all types of food can sell. You can find good Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican food, etc. in any tourist spots in Thailand. Either in Bangkok or beach towns, you can find a good restaurant easily.

Indian-Nepalese Food is quite interesting. It’s a waste not to enjoy it.


I have been to many Indian Restaurants in Bangkok, mostly around Sukhumvit and Silom area (tourist areas). My favorite place should be the Himali Cha Cha Restaurant in Silom Soi 1 (Soi Convent).
Himali Cha Cha was the last work done by Cha Cha who had spent over 40 years of cooking for many famous governors in India and Laos. He died in 1996. But his son Kovit made all Cha Cha’s recipes live on, in this glamorous city, Bangkok.
Himali Cha Cha is now officially called “Himali Cha Cha and Son” which has three different branches in Bangkok. One is in Sukhumvit Soi 35, one is in Charoen Krung Rd, and the other one is in Silom Soi 1 (Soi Convent). You just walk into the Soi, pass the Irish bar on the left and Himali Cha Cha is right on the right hand side.

Some people may not like it the way I do. Because when I eat Indian food, I enjoy it differently from other types of food. For most of other types of food, I can eat where it’s a bit noisy or crowded. But not Indian food. While eating Indian food, I need a place that is cozy, quiet, not so crowded, a place that I can take time for gastronomy and to enjoy with friends who also know/understand and love Indian Food. That’s why I vote for this Himali Cha Cha branch. There are only a few tables in the dining room, with not so many customers. You can take all the time you need to have a real dinner, to talk to friends and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.

Normally I love these for a dinner: Aloo Ghobhi (potato and cauliflower), Chicken Masala (chicken in thick masala curry), Chicken tikka with mint (tandoor baked), Saffron Rice or Garlic Nan. After that I often help myself a salty Lassi (salty yogurt). However, there are much more to try.

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A funny photo of my friend Sar over-enjoying Indian food (actually it’s fresh cabbage):

Professor Ricardo Lucio Ortiz and students



3 thoughts on “– Bangkok: Himali Cha Cha Restaurant, Indian-Nepalese Cuisine

  1. I went to tried Himali Cha Cha and tried the dishes you recommended especially the chicken tikka mint its really great especially the cheese naan. Yummy! Now its my favourite indian restaurant in Bangkok.

    Posted by Anonymous | August 22, 2010, 4:44 am
  2. Hey,

    I liked this review… I am planning to go to bangkok soon and wanted to know a little about this indian resturant? Is it only indian dishes or also nepali dishes? I specially want to have Momos 🙂 do we get it there??

    Posted by Anonymous | September 6, 2010, 9:42 am

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