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– Vietnam: Moon Festival 2008

Oh yeah… the Moon Festival is coming in Vietnam, if you notice, you will see Moon Cakes are sold everywhere in Vietnam (I don’t know why they sell these cakes with Red Wine though!!!).

It’s a shame that I almost forgot about this festival because I haven’t been back in Vietnam for a long time. Right now I’m back and wondering where I should go for some photo shooting in Hanoi!!!

Okay, some of you may not know about this Moon Festival. Many other people call it Mid-Autumn Festival/Mid-Fall Festival. It’s not a Vietnamese Festival only. It’s the festival in many East Asian countries. I think this festival is a tradition that came from China and spread all over East Asia. In Chinese language, people call it: “Zhong Qiu Jie” which literally means Mid-Autumn Festival. This festival actually happens for only one night. It’s the full-moon night (15th day) of the 8th month in the Lunar/Chinese Calendar which happens to be around mid or the end of September in the Gregorian calendar.

Well in Vietnam, this is also called the Festival for Kids. I like the sound of that better, because autumn only comes in Northen Vietnam, not in the whole country. Plus, autumn doesn’t come until October and it is not a clear season. In the meantime, kids love this festival. I used to love it when I was a little kid and lived in Vietnam with my parents.

In the Old Quarter in Hanoi, from Hang Ma street to Luong Van Can street (small center area), you will see that Moon Festival is celebrated by many thousands of people. Young people go there to buy toys and water pistols. They have been playing water pistols in this event for years. But it’s not as wet as the Songkran in Thailand. Kids are also brought out to the streets to see so much fun and parents buy a lot of toys for their kids. If you come here, you can always find a variety of hand-made toys that you never find any where else. I think I will try to come here and take some photos for some other articles.

As I remember, Moon Festival also means families make parties for kids to celebrate the full-moon eve. The meaning of this is family reunion and in real life people also celebrate in their neighborhoods.
Moon Festival in Vietnam this year will fall on September 14th.

So if you are in Hanoi and you plan to stay over the September 14th, you should go to Hang Ma street and explore the event there. It’ll be some incredible experience.

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