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– Hua hin: Hilton Hua hin Resort & Spa

Today a friend of mine just asked me about the Hilton Resort in Hua-hin, Thailand, because she was planning to have a trip there. And after looking through some pictures of it I have in my computer, I kind of missed the good old days in Hua-hin, too.
To be honest, Hilton is not the nicest resort in Hua-hin. In comparison with the Sofitel right next to it, or a bit further, the Marriott, or the Dusit in between Hua-hin and Cha-am, etc, Hilton is a bit small to be a resort.
But being pretty or fancy, or huge, may not be as important as what it has.
I like Hilton Hua-hin firstly because of its location. It has its own beach as other resorts. And it also is right in the middle of hundreds of little pubs and amazing restaurants on the walking streets. How cool is that! It takes you 2 minutes to walk to the beach. It also takes you 2 minutes to stop by any bars, internet shops, souvenir shops, restaurants, 7-Elevens, galleries. If you stay at any other resorts (except the Sofitel because it’s right next to Hilton) there is no way you can do this.
The second thing I love about Hilton Hua-hin is that the service here isn’t expensive. The front Restaurant has fresh seafood everyday. At night, it is also a very fun club in town. This front has the shape of a ship. The restaurant of the hotel is in the backyard, next to the swimming pool and the beach. It has very cool atmosphere all the time, except you might need some anti-mosquito incense at night if you like to sit outside. But it’s no big deal.
The hotel is a high and modern designed building, not the Indochinese/colonial style like Sofitel or other resorts. That’s why it is not so attractive to Westerners. But hey that’s the outside. I stayed at different resorts in Hua-hin and actually when you are in the room, the view from Hilton is much better. It’s panoramic.
I don’t have the best pictures of the Hilton Hua hin but you can have a look:

The backyard, actually it is quite large with a lot of plants, chill-out areas, swimming pool, pool bar, iron-ball yard, etc..:

Ah yes this is Nguyen Truong Tung before getting drunk:
Looking from the lounge to the backyard:
The pool bar:
The buffet:
– Photos by: Nguyen Truong Tung

I didn’t write this from the expertise of my work at Agoda Company. This is my own experience here in this hotel. I was even too drunk to go home for at least 2 times here actually (one time on my birthday party and one time on my graduation).
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