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– Laos: The Vientiane Journey

Well, today I just watched a movie called: Sabaidee Luang Prabang – 2008 (English: Good morning Luang Prabang). Before going any further, I want to give it a few comments first. 30 years after the new Government overthrew the King and took over the ruling power, this is the first privately funded movie ever made. Well from what I saw, Lao people can all understand Thai and have Thai channels at home, so they also have plenty of movies to watch (except from Laos). Sabaidee Luang Prabang is created in order to promote tourism in Laos.
Quality of the content: average. Quality of the main actor and actress: good. In other words, I think the movie is a little monotonous and quiet but at some point the movie is lovely. There could have been more to make the movie even more impressive but to me, it’s good enough to picture the real Laos. Laos is not noisy, it’s not complicated and it’s not fancy…just like the movie itself. Overall: pretty good job.

I’ve never been to Luang Prabang before (hopefully I will soon) but the movie somehow recalled the days I was in Vientiane (also Vientienne or Vientianne) with my Lao friends there. As I perceive, the country of Laos is pretty much like that movie. It doesn’t have much yet to get loud, to get so famous and impressive, but if you look at it closely, it is beautiful. Firstly, I’d say that Lao people are “real people”: Friendly, Simple, and Honest. Secondly, because this country doesn’t get so crazy with all the fancy trends yet, so when you come here you can always find that the nature, simplicity and the tradition are the cores of things here. There weren’t so many things to explore in Vientiane during my last time there, but chilling at coffee shops (Khob Chai Der is suggested), going to the market, and drinking beer at the Mekong River can be really great for a few days of relaxation. I got lucky being taken to the river, to party and all, by many Lao friends, especially my main dude there, Ariyadeth.

The coffee shop girl at the Talat Sao (the Morning Market):
Ariyadeth @ the Morning market & maybe looking at some girls:
Some photos of my Lao friends and me:
The street:
The temple:

Photos by: Nguyen Truong Tung
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