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– Bangkok: Smoking Ban

I’m a smoker. Not a heavy smoker but I do smoke when I drink.
I’ve been in Thailand for 5 years, and today will complete exactly 6 months old of the Smoking Ban Regulation in Thailand. The regulation was applied on the February 27th, 2008 which meant that smoking is banned in restaurants and nightclubs (before that it was only banned in indoor public areas, especially those that have air conditioners, but not in the clubs). On that same day I said to myself, let’s wait and see how this city can follow this rule with so many tourists.
There is one thing that I am pretty amazed after 6 months observing this Smoking Ban: “People followed this regulation pretty well right in the beginning while many developing countries cannot put this policy in action.”
This implementation has made the indoor environment much cleaner and better (but it’ll be perfect if people pay more attention to putting more ashtrays at gates, doors, balconies,etc…). In fact, I didn’t feel comfortable for the first few times I went to the clubs and had to pass through many big crowds just for a cigarette. Many tourists and other smokers who come to Thailand feel the same way I did back then.
Of course there are some side effects, such as it causes more drinking because smokers aren’t allowed to smoke, etc… And I don’t know if this regulation is followed in other provinces or tourists’ towns.
But Bangkok should be praised for its effort to keep the rooms cleaner.

Before (taken closely):
After (taken from afar with weaker light):




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